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Plugin City has a diverse range of attractive app templates available for different platforms. You can browse the full range and choose the right one as per your platform and specific business requirements.



Our App Templates are available for different platforms. App templates are fully fledged files to make an amazing application. It is a ready-made file will all the designs, resources, and other things needed for an application.

Developing a feature-rich application that your visitors will love is not a simple task. This is where app templates come to the rescue. These readymade templates make your overall task easier and quicker, resulting in faster time to market and less consumption of your useful resources.


Android app templates - Android is a highly popular open-source operating system that powers a plethora of apps available in the market. And the user base of Android is expanding with each passing day and so does the competition.

So, coping with competition and designing an app that your users will love is very important. And for that, Plugin City has lots of android app templates available for your diverse needs.

Flutter - Flutter is yet another open-source app development kit used for developing stunning apps for different industries.

And if you have decided to use flutter for your development needs, then Plugin City has the solution for this as well. As we have flutter app templates on our marketplace to serve a variety of companies that come our way and expand their internet presence drastically.

Build Box - Gaming is on the rise nowadays and its popularity is increasing so more and more businesses are developing gaming apps.

To help with that, the build box has emerged as a no-code platform for developing a highly smooth and unique game. To make your task a bit easier, we have some amazing build box app templates available for you to try. Browse all the latest and relevant ones and get the ball rolling.

Ionic - Responsive application is something that is trending a lot lately. And Ionic is one such platform for developing a hybrid application for your changing business needs.

A hybrid application means an application that is used through all devices – it works as a mobile app and web app as well. And if you are looking to develop a hybrid with Ionic, then Plugin City has a list of Ionic app templates available for your application. So, check that out and choose the ideal one.

IOS - IOS is yet another widely recognized operating system used for all devices, such as iPhones, MacBook, iWatch, and other devices. And if you are looking to develop an app for this highly popular operating system, then Plugin City’s list of IOS templates will help you in curating a stunning application for your customers.

React - React is an admired JavaScript platform used for developing breath-taking Websites, web apps, and mobile applications. This is quite an easy framework used by a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the world.

So, to ease your tasks of developing a customized app or finding the right template, Plugin City has some of the best-in-class templates to help you out.

Cordova - Apache Cordova is an open-source platform for developing feature-rich applications. If you have decided to choose this platform, then the vast community of designers across the world has developed these world-class Cordova app templates.

Construct2 - Because of the increasing popularity of online games, a lot of frameworks are developed for specifically developing gaming apps, Construct is one among them. It is an HTML-based 2D video game engine development framework.

If you would like to develop something like that, then you can browse through Plugin City’s array of Construct 2 app templates.

Unity - Unity is another beneficial platform for developing a cross-platform game app for your target audience and removing the burden from your development. We have managed to add a list of unity app templates. All the templates are highly functional and creative enough for your audience, so you can browse through them and find the ideal fit.