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To implement adjustments to your PrestaShop themes, open Google Chrome's development tools and look for the file that needs to be changed. If you would like to change the basic configurations and colors, you must use the custom.css file. If you need to swap between the grid and the design, you'll need to use a grid/list switcher.

You can easily download a PrestaShop theme from Plugin Shop. To get started, follow the steps below -

  1. Select the theme that best meets your needs.
  2. Add one or more to your shopping cart.
  3. Install on your device after downloading.
  4. Begin your project as soon as possible.

Without a doubt! You can develop and customize a multifunctional online marketplace using the PrestaShop templates from Plugin City. The multipurpose eCommerce templates are adaptable and include the essential components to make the end results more fascinating and user-centric.

Yes, you can! PrestaShop is a beginner friendly framework to develop a website or eCommerce store. It has a simple to build and customize infrastructure. Also, using and customizing themes from Plugin City is easier. So, regardless of your coding knowledge - you can get developed internet product for you or your business.