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We offer useful and intuitive codes & scripts that help you create user-friendly websites and web applications. Our items come from professional developers from around the world, we carefully review their work for usefulness, security, source, authenticity and value for money to offer you the right solution for your needs.



Our code & scripts help to speed up the entire development process. Learn how to construct outstanding websites and web apps in less time with our unique source code elements and scripts. PHP Scripts, JavaScript codes, Python Scripts, CSS scripts, Java, Ruby, C#, C & C++, and source codes are among these to name a few.


PHP scripts - Explore some of the most useful PHP scripts, PHP code elements and classes at PluginCity to help you create exceptional web products that meet your clients' business needs. These PHP scripts and codes comprise of chat scripts, website builders, surveys, login scripts, and much more.

Java script codes - JavaScript powers various wonderful technologies, such as VueJS, ReactJS, AngularJS and others. And if you want to develop a website or web app using any JavaScript platform, then our scripts and codes will help you out.

CSS scripts - Look through our selection of CSS scripts and codes in our store your are sure to find the ones to suit for your needs. Some of the most skilled global developers have created some of the best CSS source code, which contains panels, icons, transitions, forms, designs, and many other sorts of CSS scripts that can help you create beautiful websites and online apps.

Java - Check out our collection of some of the top source code and scripts made by the worldwide expert community of developers for your next java project. These scripts and routines make tiresome task easier and faster. It shortens the time to market while also providing a competitive advantage.

Ruby - Ruby is yet another robust platform if you want to build a user-centric website or web app and if you have decided to build one on this technology, have a look at some of our useful Ruby-based codes and scripts.

C & C++ - To find business-friendly alternatives, look through the entire collection of C & C++ codes and scripts. Everything has been carefully chosen and is ready to be reused for your specific development and design needs. All our codes and scripts will make the tasks of development & designing on this platform easier and more rapid.

C# - C# is yet another object-oriented programming language developed by the Microsoft platform that operates on the .NET Framework. And if you have decided to opt for this framework, we have compiled a list of codes & scripts to help you boost your project and handle your business requirements.

VB net -.Net is the technology developed by Microsoft for developing and designing suitable websites and web apps. Look through and find the .NET Source Code snippets and scripts that are appropriate for your project.

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